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About us


Who we are

In view of growing banking business in Nepal

It has been felt necessary to establish an Association for collective efforts and participation of the banks to establish and enhance the interrelationship and co-ordination among the commercial banks incorporated in Nepal in order to develop a fair and healthy competition among the banks, to maintain uniformity in the policy and procedures of loan and other banking transactions, to develop and adopt creative and modern technology.

To make the banks more effective and efficient, and to identify the problems and implement the remedies associated with the business of the banks, and institution with the name ” Nepal Bankers’ Association” has been established under the Institution Registration Act, 2034.

Our Objectives

Objectives and Activities of the Association shall be as follows

  • To develop and promote efficient, strong and creative banking activities and business within the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal based on the most recent and modern principles and prudent practices.
  • To adopt and implement necessary policies, procedures and technology for the purpose of providing prompt and useful banking services to the general public through effective banking transactions.
  • To assist and provide various suggestions to the members of the Association with regard to banking business and activities.
  • To provide suggestions to the Government of Nepal and Nepal Rastra Bank from time to time in connection with the formulation of necessary banking policies and to carry on timely reform in banking transactions.
  • To implement appropriate way out for remedying various problems and difficulties faced in connection with banking activities concerning the business, administration, legal, procedural, technical etc. by establishing mutual co-ordination and assistance among the banks.
  • To collect as a clearinghouse and distribute among the members various materials of research oriented, analytical and other articles, information, statistics, reports etc. relating to banking activities and business.
  • To make an arrangement for the collection, classification, and distribution of banking statistics among the members.
  • To provide information on customers and credit transactions in accordance with the prevalent Nepal laws and statutes and for the purpose to separately establish and constitute, under the Association, Credit Information Bureau and formulate policies to make an arrangement for the exchange and dissemination of such information among the members.
  • To organize and conduct training, seminars, conferences from time to time with a view to enhance the knowledge, skill, efficiency and productivity of the employees in the banking sector. And to establish and constitute a separate Banking Training Center, under the Association, with the assistance and participation of the members.
  • To plan and conduct a detail survey in an organized and coordinated manner for the further development of the banking activities, business, resources, human resources and management of the banks.
  • To work for the enhancement of positive attitude of the general public towards banking activities and services.
  • To raise the funds for the fulfillment and implementation of various objectives and programmes of the Association by prescribing membership fee, special fee, subscription fee against providing various information and to raise financial assistance from various national and international institutions and to collect fee from participating individuals, institutions and agencies in the programs and facilities organized by the Association.
  • To perform all other acts for the fulfillment of, or supplementing to the fulfillment of, above mentioned objectives.