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Interaction Program on Anti Money Laundering

Office of the Prime Minister and the Council Ministers (OPMCM) organized a program on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Mutual Evaluation and Effectiveness Response Report.

Dr. Hari Nepal, Deputy Director of NRB highlighted the progress made on AML/CFT Effectiveness so far. The program was divided into two sessions:  during the first session, few AML/CFT Heads from the member banks along with participants from various reporting entities were invited. During the second session, all the CEOs were invited.

 Mr. Dharmaraj Gyawali, Secretary, OPMCM, Mr. Udaya Raj Sapkota, Secretary, Ministry of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs, Mr. Bambahadur Mishra, Deputy Governor NRB, CEOs of all commercial banks, attended the program. Mr. Anil Kumar Upadhayay, President NBA, assured that banks are doing their level best on the matter and if there are any gaps or weaknesses, banks are ready to do the needful from their end.  Mr. Dharmaraj Gyawali, Secretary, OPMCM, thanked all the participants for their valuable presence and requested for support and collaboration from all the concerned stakeholders to work closely with a special focus on upcoming Mutual Evaluation.