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Program on Current Scenario in the Banking Sector and the Way Forward

Nepal Bankers’ Association (NBA) successfully organized a Program on “Current Scenario in the Banking Sector and the Way Forward” at NBA’s newly constructed Training Hall. The primary aim of the program was to engage in a comprehensive discussion regarding the present situation of banking affairs in Nepal and to delve into potential strategies and pathways forward for the banking industry.

During the program, NBA President, Mr. Sunil K.C. delivered a comprehensive presentation on the current status of the banking sector. He highlighted key global market trends, national macro-economic situation and stressed the major issues related to the banking industry. Mr. K.C. emphasized that the Nepalese banking sector has been contributing significantly to the nation’s economic development by paying substantial amounts in taxes. He acknowledged the pivotal role banks have played in advancing the country’s economic growth. However, he also noted a concerning trend of decreasing ROE within the banking sector. Despite this challenge, Mr. K.C. highlighted the robust regulatory framework established by the Nepal Rastra Bank, focusing that it has ensured the overall soundness of the banking industry.

The Chief Guest of the program Honorable Governor Mr. Maha Prasad Adhikari thanked NBA for organizing such a timely and insightful event. He highlighted that Nepalese banking sector is stable and sound, he also expressed concern regarding the prevalence of misconceptions among the public. He urged all stakeholders to collaborate diligently to address these issues and help to maintain trust in the banking system. He also emphasized that there is need of collective effort in safeguarding the integrity and resilience of the banking sector. He emphasized that the repercussions of a single bank’s challenges could extend far, affecting other banks. He also urged all stakeholders, specially to media to recognize and appreciate the sensitivity of the banking issues in order to mitigate risks and safeguard the stability of the financial sector.

The program was participated by the Executive Directors of Nepal Rastra Bank; Representatives from CBFIN, Development Bankers Association Nepal, Nepal Financial Institutions Association, Nepal Microfinance Bankers’ Associations, Officials from NAFIJ and SEJONN, CEOs from member banks, among others.