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Revealing the Mystery of Actuarial Valuation

Kathmandu: NBA in coordination with TIMES Research & Training Institute organized a three day workshop on “Revealing the Mystery of Actuarial Valuation”. The objective of the workshop was to provide insights on actuarial valuation and NAS 19 employee benefits; to develop in-house experts for monthly/quarterly/on-demand valuations by themselves; to impart practical knowledge on calculating actuarial valuation (gratuity, pension and leave); to provide insights on disclosure requirement of employee benefits; to provide insight on “how to manage employees cost.

During the workshop experts delivered on Actuarial valuation, provided a valuation template to determine employees’ liabilities as per Actuarial Valuation technique for quarterly reporting by their own, guided in data management for Actuarial Valuation and also conducted a Group work on Actuarial Valuation on Leave, Pension and Gratuity.