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Interaction Program on the Private Sector Partnership for Gender Equality

Kathmandu: NBA in coordination with Women Act and Federation of Nepal Chamber of Commerce (FNCCI) organized a “National Conference on the Private Sector Partnership for Gender Equality: Issues and Opportunities in Nepal.” The conference was organized to mark 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence in 2018.

Realizing the fact that women’s economic empowerment is one of the most important factor contributing to equality between women and men, private sector has been partnering with the government and civil societies globally for gender equality and women’s economic empowerment. The private sector is an essential partner in gender equality campaigns and women’s economic empowerment movements because they have enormous power to bring about transformative change through inclusive hiring and promotion policies, market expansion, workforce development, and procurement spending.

The objectives of the event were to assess the issues and opportunities in terms of private sector engagement for gender equality in Nepal, explore the strategies, approaches and methods to engage private sector for women’s equality and empowerment, initiate a dialogue among stakeholders about the private sector partnership in terms of gender equality.

The conference brought together over 100 experts and activists from around the country representing the government of Nepal, private sector, academia, development as well as media sector to present and discuss on various conference themes.