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Meeting with the Finance Minister

The Executive Committee Members of Nepal Bankers’ Association (NBA) met the newly appointed Hon. Finance Minister Mr. Barsha Man Pun at the Ministry of Finance. The Committee members extended their congratulations and best wishes for his successful tenure.

In the meeting, NBA President Mr. Sunil KC highlighted the current status of the Nepalese banking sector, underlining the pivotal role played by banks in fostering Nepal’s economic growth. He also highlighted that currently banks have adequate loanable funds but the demand has been slow. Additionally, he expressed concerns over the increasing number of attacks on the banking industry including arrest of bank staffs recently – these incidents are not only detrimental to the industry, but it may also adversely affect the country’s economy in a long run. On behalf of the banking sector, he further ensured that Nepalese banking industry is dedicated and fully committed to support the policies and plans laid out by the Government.

Hon. Finance Minister expressed that the Government will not let the morale of bankers down and the Government is there to facilitate and support as required. He further mentioned that the Government is keen to set up investment friendly environment and the focus of the Government is towards the Investment Summit planned in Baisakh 2081.

During the meeting, Hon. Finance Minister further said that the Government shall take proper action to end the atmosphere of fear and intimidation observed in the banking sector. He also expressed the commitment and determination to find solutions to resolve the challenges faced by the banking industry and requested for continuation of necessary support and coordination from the financial sector in the days to come as well.